Transparency has proven a valuable tool for all facets of the professional world as well personal objectives. Transparency as you move forward with projects personally and professionally, as well as transparency as a whole with your family and friends. What about working as a “Transparent Team” ? Let’s look into ways we can develop transparency into a working team.

Plan Out Ideas

Ideas are one of the most powerful tools on the planet. Think back and realize that every single great thing that was ever accomplished, started with an idea. Ideas can be generated by individuals, but many times the greatest most life-changing ideas are by people, not persons.

Planning out rough structures of ideas, whether they be designs, writing or any type of project is a productive way of starting the transparency goals within your team. Rather than each member of a team going back to workspaces or heads down on a project, plan out a draft of the project to gain feedback and insight from the entire team.

The more teams offer plans and drafts of work, the more innovative ideas their own minds, by themselves, will work out to be.

Share Early and Ship Often

This goes with the transparency plan of planning out ideas and drafts. A good project always starts with plans and insights from the whole team, but, you can never neglect sharing early and shipping often.

What does sharing early and shipping often mean for teamwork?

Let’s say a designer and a writer receive the initial insight, feedback, and suggestions for the beginnings of a project. They go back to working, finish the project to what they believe is the final product, and only then do they present it to the team. This creates lost productivity in a long and large project, while the designer and writer would have been more efficiently producing results throughout the life of the project.

All this said, when you share early with your team, you will also end of shipping often. Your team will be shipping the final products to whoever your goal is, such as customer end products.

Invite Everyone and Anyone

While sharing insights with team members that are within departments or working groups within a team are a good follow point for all projects, some projects will be most specifically helpful to be shared with members outside of a work group or particular department.

While a development team has a positive working environment and insightful within that group, if a project has to do with financials or even design, those other groups being invited into collaborating suggestions and ideas is extremely valuable.


In summary, include everyone with your projects. Keep a focus on ideas and shipping projects, when the focus is on deliverance, the entire process of creation changes.

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