Whether purchasing a single chair or an entire new facility, we believe that you are making a decision that you will live with (and hopefully be satisfied with) for many years to come. The contract interior industry is a fashion industry and, certainly, you should be pleased with the “look” whether you purchase one piece of furniture or furnish an entire facility. But your long-term satisfaction will be based on a great deal more than just the “look”.

Your decision will result in a relationship with a local dealer that should be expected to support your interior needs for many years to come. The decision certainly must consider price and perhaps more important, value, but the dealership should be evaluated as much as the product. Are you comfortable with dealership personnel? Are they high quality individuals? How extensive are the service offerings provided by the dealership? Are the manufacturers represented reliable and do they produce consistent quality? How long has the dealership been in business and is there evident reinvestments in the business such as training, facilities and automation? Is there a consistent history of local ownership and contribution to the community? Is there an effort to consistently improve? Is there a wide satisfied customer base? Is the firm financially sound? These are all credentials that cannot be bought, sold or traded — they must be earned.

Ohio Desk has been in business since 1908 and has been a Steelcase dealer since 1926. Beside selling new product, Ohio Desk has built a team to support our clients interior needs whatever they may be. Ohio Desk can support our clients from the planning phase of a new facility or renovation of an existing building to the refurbishment of their existing furniture. Ohio Desk has total vertical control of warehouse, delivery and installation services performed by factory trained Ohio Desk personnel. We provide services such as rental, leasing, moving, reconfiguration, move management, storage, bar-coded asset management, repair service, carpet, wall covering, draperies, re-upholstery, electrostatic painting, buy-back of existing product, ceiling cleaning and uplifting of systems furniture to replace existing carpet. Our service listing is extensive to support the needs of our clients for the life of their facilities. No one else in Northern Ohio offers anything close to this comprehensive package.

The credentials about which we have spoken bring you, the client, peace of mind. Peace of mind that whatever challenges your facility faces in the future, you have a partner in facing those challenges – Ohio Desk. A partner whose capabilities are more than skin deep.