Fabri-Coate® and Cleaning

The Ohio Desk cleaning service offers a cost-effective way to rejuvenate your upholstered items. Regular cleaning extends the fabric life and improves the appearance of your facility. Harmful bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms are eliminated, which reduces employee absenteeism and increases productivity.

Ohio Desk can clean any of your upholstered pieces from flooring to panels and all types of seating. Our system is environmentally safe, uses biodegradable cleaning agents, and is technologically advanced, which accelerates the dry time for cleaned items.

Fabri-Coate® Fabric Protection:

Ohio Desk uses the well-known commercial Guardsman Fabri-Coate® protection treatment to give fabric and carpeting resistance to permanent soiling and staining from everyday spills and use. Unlike other protective treatments applied only to the surface, Fabri-Coate® thoroughly penetrates every fiber. Independent tests show Fabri-Coate® gives fibers up to 60% more resistance to wear by reducing thread-against-thread abrasion. Even after professional cleaning, Fabri-Coate® protection remains.

Fabri-Coate® is a unique formula that actually increases stain and soil resistance, enhances mill-applied fabric protection, improves fabric durability, and increases fabric clean-ability. Fabri-Coate® is a safeer product than you cannot see nor smell. It is composed of four chemical components, one of which is an odorless mineral spirit and the remaining three are silicones. Fabri-Coate® contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Fabri-Coate® penetrates deep into fibers to protect fabric from the inside out. It “wicks” during application, and therefore covers all of the material to assure thorough coverage.

Fabric Protection Program:

  • Reduces amount of maintenance needed per chair by 50%. Dust and dirt release easily. Spills that would normally cause permanent stains, blot away.
  • Makes fibers 60% more resistant to abrasion.
  • Safe – will not discolor fabric and has no odor.

Ask us about the Guardsman three-year fabric warranty. Here at Ohio Desk, we make it easy!