Hiring is demanding, growing a team is hard, building a business through collaboration is tough. Most people have it all wrong, hiring shouldn’t be all about experience but about talent and solutions. Solutions are the keyword in quality structures for a fast growing team.

Outlined Problems and Solutions

In a summarized rough definition, your team provides solutions to problems that your business faces. You need your team in order to build, grow, and cater to your business model. However, this is an impossible feat to accomplish without you, as the company, need to identify problems within your model and plan solutions to those issues.

This can be done with a set of outlines of problems and solutions. The key here is to go beyond departments and formal titles of people in your team, but rather discover skills and interests your team has beyond their everyday roles. This should be done not only with your current employees, but your prospects interested in a position with your business. Discover passions, skills, and tilts of interest that are out of the ordinary for their fields.

This one strategy will completely change the way a team works, and how team members grow individually.

Checklist for Structured Growth

While the most obvious rules and guidelines for a fast growing team are given as a default, like hosting bonding social events, using the best in class collaboration software, and team feedback. These guidelines should be used as a quick checklist that may otherwise be overlooked, by your entire team.

  • Fast response times for every kind of communication. Fast response impresses teams, customers, prospects, and partners. Communication is a fundamental of running a business, it’s your job to be the best at it.
  • Feedback and suggestions when it’s the right time. By providing timely and informative feedback and suggestions, your team will grow and also create a suggestion culture within it. This helps for your team to focus on being critical of their own work, as well as catering to their idea generation to contribute to the business.
  • Complimentary hiring is usage for a growing team that’s actually making a difference. Many companies will hire when the default roles are empty when there are people already within their team that can easily pick up some tasks in what’s called team delegation. Look at what skills people have, and hire people who have ethics and talents that compliment other people on your team, which all goes back to our biggest point of “Outlined Problems and Solutions.”
  • Go beyond resumes and cover letters. Anyone can create and edit a resume and cover letter to fit a job description, few people can offer valuable insight into how they are going to deliver value to your team and ultimately grow your business. Instead of taking resumes as the tell-all, let them be the go-to source of being the right potential fit and throw away their list of experiences.


While these are all valuable on their own as sights and guidelines into a working valuable team, they all go back to one fundamental thought. Outlining your problems and planning solutions with your team in mind, but never going to traditional routes of formal titles and roles. Always outline your entire team with talents and skills, and your team will continue to grow unstoppable.

  1. it’s about time – Cleveland did it – Happy time and congratulations to Dave, Liz, and, I’m sure, the OD team- I Wish I could have been there to celebrate – I miss all of you for sure.

    Cleveland and OD – always been near and dear to my heart.

    Maybe you would allow me to visit some day soon. – Phil Weaver.


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