Decontamination Service
Add Ohio Desk’s Fogging and Covershield process to your regular cleaning protocol and cost-effectively minimize health risks and unwanted odors at your workplace.

Parts & Field Service
Ohio Desk can repair nearly any kind of furniture including files, seating, desks, and systems furniture. We can also provide and repair virtually any type of lock and key.

Move Management
Ohio Desk provides a comprehensive turnkey service to help our clients relocate as efficiently as possible with minimal lost productivity.

Regular cleaning extends fabric life and improves the appearance and wellness of your office. Ohio Desk’s CFR cleaning system cleans all types of upholstered seating, flooring, and fabric-covered panels.

Fabric Protection
Ohio Desk’s Fabri-Coate® protection treatment gives fabrics resistance to permanent soiling and staining from everyday spills and use, and increases fabric life by more than 50%.

Ohio Desk offers a wide range of fabrics, finishes, and trims to give your existing seating and panels a fresh new look.

Electrostatic Painting
Ohio Desk’s electrostatic painting service quickly changes the appearance of desks, file cabinets, bookshelves, storage cabinets, and shelving units.

Rental Furniture
Ohio Desk can help you achieve fast solutions to your short-term furniture needs, including systems furniture, case goods, and seating.

Ohio Desk can store and manage your excess furniture inventory, freeing up your real estate for a more productive use.

Asset Management
Ohio Desk provides a sophisticated method of managing your furniture assets. The benefits include comprehensive inventory reports, quick access to product, and reduction of cost as opposed to purchasing new.

Record Management
Ohio Desk provides cost-effective solutions for document life-cycle management. From storage, inventorying, and shredding, Ohio Desk makes record retention easy.