A healthy team means healthy work, though it’s not always that simple. With the right skeleton anatomy system within your workplace, a healthy team will follow. What is workplace anatomy? Anatomy is defined as the study of the structure of internal workings, in this case, internal workings of the workplace. Here’s the anatomy of a healthy workplace, ready to be implemented.

Use of Groups

Collaborative group settings are one of the most important parts of the anatomy of a healthy workplace. As the old adage goes, “The More The Merrier”, participating your workforce into groups through various needs is a proven way to help them succeed. No matter the activity, studies show that participating in groups allows all members to plan, manage time, develop communicational benefits, increase motivation, bonding, among countless other benefits.

Physical Health Groups

Relating directly to physical health, diet groups are among the most effective methods of weight loss, as it leads to motivation as well as dedication. As we see commercial options for dieting with others, you don’t need to go far or invest money for the benefits of dieting groups. Simply begin a diet group in your workplace and begin reaping the benefits.

Aside from dieting groups, there are many other ways to implement a physical health group, perhaps a workout group for running, jogging, or cardio exercises.

Interest Groups

Apart from physical health, social and mental health plays a huge part in a healthy worker, of course. Which brings up groups that rather play on social interests that are common among your team.

Groups that follow employee’s passions and interests benefit team building, social skills, developing individualized voices, as well as getting better at their passions. Not only does the social and emotional factors benefit workplaces, the interests themselves often help build work-related skills.

Incentives Catering

Offering incentives and rewards for healthy accomplishments creates healthy accomplishments. There are numerous ways you can cater to incentives, meal sponsoring of healthy food, memberships to clubs, and other un-ordinarily workplace rewards.

A number of startup companies have shown great initiative in the space of workplace incentives, most prominently, with the use of a device to track fitness goals, like a FitBit. Using a FitBit-like device will allow you to reward physical health.

A Strong Lead


Every organized structure needs a strong lead, whether that be one person or many, it better be strong as possible. In every facet of leading a team, focus on providing clear goals, awarding goal successes as well as complete transparency.

Any leader knows that trust is the most important aspect of leadership. Provide clear goals, transparent efficiencies, as well as goal sharing among your entire team.

Team Member Voices

Among transparency and trust-building, create an idea map that allows your team to have a complete voice in your business, products or services. The best workforces are in check with their leader’s motivations and passions, as well as the business’.

Giving your members a voice to share ideas and problems they see within your product offerings will empower them to become better leaders themselves, within your organization.

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