Ohio Desk can provide document storage solutions. A broad range of regulations and legal compliance requirements (HIPPA, SEC, Fair Credit Reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley Act), have increased the need for document storage solutions.

The need for physical storage space to accommodate documents costs organizations in real estate and related employee time. Freeing up real estate can provide the opportunity to use the space to increase revenue or efficiencies. Ohio Desk can offer a cost-effective solution by storing documents in our secured operations facility.

We’ll establish a plan to make clients’ record storage more effective. After determining the frequency of need, required destruction dates, secured shredding requirements, and other unique client details, we customize a plan for each customer to maximize value and minimize the related cost for record management.

Privacy & Safety:

Confidential shredding/destruction of documents
Sprinklered facility
Controlled facility access


Document inventory system utilizing bar-coded technology
Inventory reports with document life-cycle details
Ability to access information quickly


Professionally stored documents
Secured location to protect confidentiality
Controlled climate conditions


 Secure storage at low cost
Customized record management plans
Organized record retention