Ohio Desk Diversity Equality Inclusion

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion at Ohio Desk

Since our beginnings over a century ago, in Cleveland, our service area has grown to include Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Northwestern Pennsylvania, and everywhere in between. These communities are our home and have always been the focus of everything we do. We are passionate about the people we serve, and we strive to make an impact…

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Ohio Desk Steelcase Flex Personal Space

We Make it Easy, Hybrid Work Edition

Innovative, new products have been created to support the new hybrid work environment which support workers’ needs as they continue to come back to the workplace. We know that the workplace must change to meet the needs of today’s workers, and these are a few of our favorite things that enhance collaboration, offer privacy, and…

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Nomadic Neighborhood

Hybrid Needs a Home: Designing Neighborhoods at Work

How to design spaces that make hybrid work. As Jo heads into the office for the first time in two years, she knows things will feel different. She doesn’t have an assigned desk anymore — her company moved to unassigned spaces when they adopted a hybrid work schedule. She spends more time on video calls…

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Dave Miller

Employee Spotlight: Dave Miller, IT Manager

Dave Miller has been a tremendous asset to Ohio Desk for over 27 years. His technical knowledge, quick wit, and willingness to do almost anything to keep our IT systems and infrastructure up and running make him an invaluable resource. We recently sat down with Dave for a little Q&A session to find out more…

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