Innovative, new products have been created to support the new hybrid work environment which support workers’ needs as they continue to come back to the workplace. We know that the workplace must change to meet the needs of today’s workers, and these are a few of our favorite things that enhance collaboration, offer privacy, and braid the digital and physical environment.

Steelcase Eclipse Light

Not just your standard task light, the Steelcase Eclipse flawlessly illuminates your work and provides the perfect lighting just where you need to look your best on virtual calls. The best part?  The handy little stand that keeps your technology within an arm’s reach. Steelcase Eclipse Light

Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces

Hybrid work is just that – its hybrid. Workers move fluently throughout the day and home cannot be the only option for workers who need a space for “heads down” work. Flex Personal Spaces provide a heighted level of privacy and control, in the workplace.Ohio Desk Steelcase Flex Personal Space

Steelcase Everwall™

It is no secret that one of the things workers expect in the office today is privacy. Private spaces in the open plan were at a premium prior to the pandemic, and that need has only increased. In addition, there has been significant pressure in the supply chain and am increase in labor shortages. All of this makes Everwall the perfect product to create a resilient workplace. Enhance acoustics, accelerated installation timeline and lux finishes make Everwall the ultimate hybrid work partner. Ohio Desk Steelcase EverWall

Jabra PanaCast Camera

The ultimate team player when braiding the digital and physical work environments. With seamless connection, point to zoom camera and superiors acoustics, this device seamlessly connects your teams – wherever they may be.Ohio Desk Jabra PanaCast Camera


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