When businesses talk about enhancing the workplace, they usually focus on employee productivity and work culture. The work environment is any equally important factor that affects the productivity in your workplace. We take a look at three ways in which you can improve your workplace for better results.

Optimal employee engagement

An open-office layout allows employees to interact easily with each other, when compared to a workspace that uses cubicles, as it can get in the way of collaboration. Of course, your workplace is going to have a good mix of introverts and extroverts, and you want to provide a setting that allows both work styles to thrive.

For instance, you can create specific ‘solitary work spaces’ that introverts can withdraw to when they want their peace and quiet, and ideation rooms where extroverts can hang out to bounce off each other’s ideas and energy. This way you don’t just give employees a chance to collaborate and communicate with each other efficiently, but also help them work more efficiently as they can choose a workstyle that works for them.

Make it appear less crowded

A crowded workplace can hamper employee productivity, by disrupting focus. There are many steps you can take to make your workplace appear less crowded. Use plants, pillars, furniture and decorative pieces to break compactly spaced workstations into different sections. Desk positioning and cubicle openings should be arranged such that they don’t have a whole lot of workstations in view. You can even move workstations around so they face the window, rather than facing other workstations.

Noise management

While open-offices allow for a collaborative environment, they also promote a noisier environment. Studies show that noise interruptions aren’t really a bad thing when employees are performing mundane mechanical tasks.

However, it can deter employee productivity when they are working on something complex or new, as they have to re-orient themselves every time there is a disruption. You can create separate zones in the office for employees to unwind and appreciate speech privacy. Make sure these noisy relaxation zones are away from the workstations.

Workplace + Employee Productivity

Creating an open concept office that promotes employee engagement while also minimizing disruptions from others, are just some of the ways you can improve your workplace and employee productivity. Here at Ohio Desk, we aim to make creating the perfect working environment easy so that you can focus on more important things. Check out our other post for additional tips and tricks to improve your working environment.

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