Given strict billable hours and tight deadlines, most employers tend to not place employee well­being and engagement at the top of their priority list. However, successful businesses have shown time and again, how consistent employee well­being efforts can result in better employee satisfaction, making way for greater workplace productivity.


Employee engagement efforts should be authentic and consistent. Some businesses resort to isolated engagement events and activities; but predictably, such half-­hearted once­ a ­month affairs usually do not add much value. Instead, a more fruitful approach would be:

  • to consistently work toward the well­being of your employees, so that they take notice of it and understand that
    you genuinely care about their welfare.
  • Play together, volunteer together, often, to promote employee well-being. This automatically fosters a bond of emotional commitment between you and your employees.


Transparency is indispensable if you want to develop an authentic bond with your employees. There are two kinds of employees­: one who works for wages, and ones who works for the organization. If you want your employees to endorse your brand, and work for more than just their monthly pay package, then it is essential that they feel a part of your business family. The more inclusive you are, and the more transparent you are about business operations, the greater the mutual trust and employee well­being.


Employees whose efforts are recognized or rewarded are seen to perform better than those whose efforts go unappreciated. Appreciation can be a huge motivator for employees, helping them push their boundaries and outdo their performance. On the other hand, under­appreciation can cause employees to feel drained out and not perform to their best efforts. Appreciation need not always be in the form of rewards, even a heartfelt thank you will do. If your employees have been taking frequent leaves or displaying bad work ethics, it is likely that they do not feel appreciated for their efforts. Do not wait for quarterly reviews to voice you appreciation; give appreciation when and where you think it is due, so employees are motivated to work harder

Investing in employee welling being efforts not only boost morale and employee engagement but it also helps to create an interconnected workplace. Creating an environment with employee wellbeing in mind leverages the opportunities offered by an interconnected world, and is designed to augment the social, spatial and informational interactions between people. At Ohio Desk, we call this The Power of Place.

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