When working in an office at a desk all day, sometimes it can be difficult to stay fit. Try incorporating exercises throughout your day to activate your muscles and release tension without having to leave your workplace. Watch the video below or check out the list of tips that can help you figure out the exercises you can add to your day.

Examples of ways to stay fit while at your desk

  • Raise your arms above your head with your elbows bent. Grab your right wrist with your left hand and gently pull it down to your left. Repeat on the other side.
  • Ā Stand up facing your desk. Place your hands close to the edge of the desk and take a few steps back. Perform pushups slowly and deliberately.
  • Stand up, keeping your back close to your desk. Reach behind you and grip the edge of the desk with your hands. Bend your knees to engage the triceps.
  • Stand up and place the back of your hand on the desk, with the fingers facing towards you. Hold the stretch for a count of 10; repeat on other the hand. This stretch helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • If your desk chair has armrests, hold one armrest with both hands. Raise yourself off the chair, stretching out one leg in front of you. Hold for about 15 seconds. Repeat on the other leg. This helps strengthen the calf and thighs.
  • While sitting down, turn your upper body until your face is turned 180 degrees away from your desk. Repeat on the other side. Go through this stretch slowly to avoid straining your neck. This move helps strengthen back muscles.
  • Sit in your chair in a cross-legged position and raise yourself off the seat by pushing up on the arms of the chair and hold for about 15 seconds. This exercise helps strengthen your arms and core muscles. Give the arms a few test pushes before committing your full body weight to make sure it can take your weight without getting damaged.
  • Stand up, stretch your arms in front of you and bend your knees until they are close to a 90-degree angle. This squat move helps strengthen the upper thighs, gluteus muscles and core muscles.
  • Gently stretch your neck by looking to your left, right, up and down. This exercises the neck and upper shoulder muscles. Relax your shoulders to release tension.
  • Just get up and move around! Simply walking is the mildest form of cardio exercise, but it is better than stayed seated.

What do you do to stay fit at the office? Let us know in the comments!

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