Your working environment has a huge effect on your happiness levels and your health. There has been a lot of research done on all the negative effects working in an office environment can have on employees, but not until recently have people started to figure out how they can improve their workspace. Below are ways you can create the perfect workspace according to science. With these helpful tips, it’s easy to create a healthy and enjoyable workspace.

Bring the Outside Into Your Workspace

A recent study about the effects of nature on employees’ health found that exposure to natural elements in your workspace can increase your happiness and productivity.  Science just gave you the best reason to bring in your favorite fern to work. Keep in mind that adding nature to your workspace doesn’t have to be limited to potted plants.

Bringing the outside in can include finding ways to incorporate natural light, such as opening up your floor pan and readjusting it so the light coming from windows can hit your workspace. You can also incorporate things like nature background music, pictures of nature around the office, and even a higher thermostat setting.

Spend Less Time Sitting

It’s no new news that sitting all day at the office is bad for you. That’s why, according to science, you should spend less time sitting in your workspace and more time moving around. You can do this by ditching your office chairs altogether and opting for a more ergonomic standing desk. With a standing desk, you don’t have the option to sit down, forcing you to stand and fight your lazy urges.

You can also consider taking phone calls outside, walking around the office building when you have a meeting, and using your break time to do some light exercises at your workspace. Anything to keep you off your chair for eight hours straight is going to help.

Start a Timer

One of the most prevalent habits of productive workers is that they take frequent breaks. If you’re looking to create the perfect workspace, science suggests that you invest in a timer. Studies have shown that by following the 52-17 rule, workers were able to get twice as much work done as those who didn’t.

By setting a timer at your workspace to go off every 52 minutes, you can remind yourself to take a 17-minute break. The only catch is that during those 52 minutes you’re working, you have to be 100% focused on your tasks. Likewise, during the 17 minutes of break, you have to completely un-focus yourself from anything work related.

Add Decorations to Your Workspace

One of the easiest ways to achieve the perfect workspace is to add decorations. Employees that have more freedom to express their individual personalities in their workspaces are 32 percent more productive and happier than those who aren’t allowed to decorate. All it takes is some photos of your loved ones, a few inspirational posters, and maybe even a vision board to get your workspace that much closer to perfection.

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