A recent study done by the University of Warwick in Great Britain found that employees were likely to be 20 percent more productive at the office when they actually enjoyed their work. As an employer, you may not have control over a lot of the factors that determine your employees’ happiness, but you do have control over an important one—your workspace.

Creating a work environment that is conducive to employee happiness is one of the best ways to increase their productivity. You may be asking yourself, how do I start creating a better workplace? The best place to start is with your office furniture.

Your office furniture may not be something you think about a whole lot, but it is the foundation for your office environment. The right office furniture can make or break your business’ brand and employee productivity. Read more below for 5 ways the right office furniture can increase productivity.

1. Office Furniture Provides Comfort

The right office furniture can create a comfortable space for your employees to work. When your employees are comfortable, they are more likely to be happy and enjoy sitting (or standing) at their desks. When you choose office furniture for your office, consider how it’s going to make your employees feel as they use it all day long.

2. Storage Solutions Can Help You Get Organized

Clutter can stress people out, especially in a busy office when finding the right file or document is crucial. If your workspace is disorganized and cluttered, the right office furniture can provide you with storage solutions. By using space vertically instead of horizontally alongside space saving drawers and shelves, office furniture can get your workspace organized leaving more time for your employees to be productive.

3. Designating Different Spaces

Another way that office furniture can increase productivity is by creating designated spaces or “zones” throughout your office. While open floor plans are all the rage, most offices have specialized needs for certain spaces. The right office furniture is able to carve out spaces in a workplace for collaboration, incubation, socializing, and individual spaces for when you need a moment of peace and quiet. By providing your employees with a wide variety of workspaces, there are more ways they can be productive.

4. Office Furniture Can Determine Lighting

Natural lighting has a profound effect on employees’ productivity. Exposing employees’ to natural elements increases the serotonin in their brains resulting in happier and more productive workers. Office furniture allows you to shift your workspaces in a way that incorporates more natural light from windows and skylights. With great office furniture, the design possibilities are endless.

5. Keeping Your Employees Healthy

The last simple way that office furniture increases productivity is by improving the health of your employees. Employees that are in pain or have to take off work for doctor’s appointments and surgeries do not have the focus to be productive. Ergonomic office furniture is a great solution for reducing employees’ work-related pain such as back pain and arthritis that can come from bad posture and sitting for too long. When you invest in quality office furniture, you’re investing in your employees’ health and productivity.
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