Winter is here. The cold days, dark nights, snowy weather are all upon us. Workers begin to feel a more easily tired state, stay inside more, and as a result in the office more. Here are some simplified tips that will make surviving the winter easy for you and your office.

Floor Cleanliness

Floors can easily get dirty and full of various bacteria with all that is tracked in during the winter. Placing large durable rugs in the entrance of your office will help prevent from tracking it throughout your entire office. You should also schedule more cleaning times with your cleaning service for a more frequent basis.

A cleanly maintained floor will help keep your office clean and hold back the breeding of bacteria that is harmful for the environment of the office, as well as the health of your employees.

Cater Healthy Foods

Winter months can be a time of over indulging and can lead to bloatedness and sluggishness which inhibits great work accomplishments. Catering healthy beverages, snacks, and even the occasional meal will help your employees eat healthier and surviving the winter easier with foods that are actually fuel for great work.

Food is a big health factor in surviving the winter in both personal and office lives, it keeps people healthy and more active. Food is the fuel that defines how well our bodies work, so it’s catering those high quality foods genuinely help surviving the winter.

Keep it Comfortable

If you’re weather is genuinely chilly, you’ll want to keep the office warm. Comfort for those in your office should be one of the top priorities and is important for getting work done. It’s important to consider what warm is, and how it relates to comfort however.

Some may consider a very high temperature to be comfortable for them, while a warm temperature for others. This creates some conflicts, and it’s up to managers to keep everyone happy and relationships healthy in the office and surviving the winter without too many burdened relationships.

Choose a temperature that is widely considered to be comfortable within your time, and work with those that may disagree. There are walls, screens, and lights that can help with added warmth in particular areas that can aid in these conflicts.

Air Quality

An unfortunately overlooked factor in winter is the air is generally more contaminated than those in warmer months, with more dust, bacteria, germs, and other air particles that can affect it’s quality.

Set up some regular cleaning and preventive maintenance with a local air maintenance service. This will return better air quality, prevent any potentially costly repairs, and keep your team’s lungs healthy.

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