Having a healthy work environment is important for the well-being of your employees.The average employee will spend around 70 percent of their time at work.Considering how many hours people spend at their jobs, it benefits both businesses and employees if those hours are spent in a work environment that’s conducive to happiness and productivity. By following these useful tips below, you can easily turn your office into a healthy work environment.

Keep the Office Clean & Organized

Several studies have shown that clutter leads to stress. It’s important that your office is organized and clean. Having your workspace professionally cleaned on a regular schedule can reduce the risk of dust, mold, and infestations that can flair up your employees’ allergies or make them ill. Healthy employees are more focused and able to complete work efficiently.

Not only is having a clean office important but having one that is simple to use and organized can be beneficial to your employees’ mental health and productivity levels. Using streamlined filing systems and clearly labeled places for things such as office supplies and important forms will take the stress of your employees.

A Healthy Work Environment Includes a Space for Relaxation

Employees need time to get away if they are stressed out about meeting upcoming deadlines, or are overwhelmed with a large workload. A good way to help your employees relax is to create a dedicated space for relaxation.

This space can be a corner of the office or an unused meeting room. Things such as soft lighting, relaxing scents, beverages, snacks, floor cushions or bean bags will all encourage your employees to take a breather from the menial tasks of office work. Having a space to just chill and escape from work for a few minutes is a simple way to create a healthy work environment.

Promote Wellness for a Healthy Work Environment

Encourage employees to move around throughout the day, and be active while at work. Most office jobs require hours of sitting at a desk. A lifestyle that is mainly sedentary is not only bad for your physical health but your mental health as well. By promoting wellness in your office, you can avoid getting cabin fever, and have happy and healthy employees.

Some things to you can do to promote wellness in your office is to invest in ergonomic keyboards, chairs, and standing desks. These tools create a more comfortable and healthier working environment. You can also encourage employees to take a walk outside during breaks, or bring in an exercise instructor like a yoga teacher for weekly classes in the office.

Encourage Communication

Mental health is just as important as physical health in a healthy work environment. By encouraging communication between your employees, you not only boost productivity and employee engagement, but you give them the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns.

Encouraging open and frequent communication via office messenger tools and meetings can create a healthy relationship between everyone in the office.

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