Our workspaces can lose the effectiveness and usefulness over time, or maybe it was just never that helpful for getting work done in the first place. Either way, we have 4 reliable workspace improvements that boost productivity you can start identifying right now.

1.Rid-All of the Clutter

Clutter creates a roadblock in both our productive mindsets, increases our level of stress due to the general disorganization, and creates physical roadblocks. Needless to say, clutter doesn’t do us any favor towards in an effective workspace.

If you work with a lot of paper, consider investing in a scanner to record all of your documents digitally instead of having that extra physical space being used up by unnecessary clutter. Digital records can also make it easier and more productive to share with co-workers.

Dedicate some time to clean up and organize your workspace to rid yourself of all the physical and psychological-affecting clutter.

2. Add Some Ambient Nature

Creating an ambient environment that is both motivating and inspirational will boost your work to another level. Consider adding some nature into the mix of all that technology with some plants, either living or artificial.

Plants are also great ways to separate workspaces to give more privacy, as well as a nice welcoming addition to walls and otherwise boring spaces when people are first walking into your office.

3. Light it Up

Light is a common issue for almost all workspaces and desks. Fix this with tall workstation lighting that can be easily adjusted and provide a natural light that encourages activity and alertness.

Look for lighting that is both effective for what kind of work you do most, and how you can adjust it to be more relevant to large projects. Do you a read a lot of books and physical paper copies? A tall desk lamp that can be adjusted down and out with a good reading level is perfect for you. Designing heavily on your monitor? A lower level light to just compliment your computer and digital work will be just right for you.

It can be surprising how much light can affect our productivity and work towards workspace improvements.

4. Get More Comfortable

Is that chair just not fitting your posture correctly? How about that keyboard that is constantly leaning to the left with those broken keys? Monitor losing its brightness? These are basic tools that we use daily and when they are losing it’s effectiveness our work sees the repercussions.

Identify how your tools may be decreasing in effectiveness and research a good replacement. This will improve your work output and quality in a big way.

For tips on improving your team’s bond as well their health in general, read our 5 tips to boost workplace wellbeing.

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