Adding music to your office can help with not only increased productivity but can also boost moods of your employees and clients as well as the success rate of projects for your clients. Background ambience can genuinely be a big asset added to your office.

The Effects for Getting Work Done

Soft noises and background ambience have been proven to increase the creativity and effectiveness of concentration, as shown in this study. However, too loud of a specific noise can also be detrimental to one’s creativity and utmost concentration of getting work accomplished.

Ambient noises can be a great addition to your office environment – noises that are not musically inclined but add some immersive effects for getting work done. Natural noises like winds, ocean waves, or deep hollow sounds are known to be the most favored among office workers.

In addition to ambient sounds, these soft noises should generally be lyric free music that is soft and proves to offer stress relieving properties to them, not ones filled with blabbing lyrics known to decrease focus. Most especially lyrics can prove troublesome to conversations and phone calls.


  • Classical Music: Missing in lyrics, classical is a fond and most often favored selection in adding ambience and motivational sounds to an office. Choose classical pieces that are softer in tone to create a more stress-free environment, and more upbeat classical if you work in a more fast-paced environment.
  • Electronic Music: Electronic can aim to increase the focus and concentration, as electronic music tends to be repetitive at best. This genuinely increases focus on tough projects that need more attention.
  • General Guide: Remember to stay away from lyrical and choose soft tones whether you’re choosing on music or ambient noise tracks. You want background ambience to add immersion and complement work, not distract from it.


Delivering the Background Ambience

If you aim to add background ambience to your office, you’ll need to know how you’ll be delivering that added sound boost to your workplace environment. Will it be using an MP3 player, digital music stereo, or a steaming service?

Streaming services are generally the best option with endless selections of the most up to date releases as well as the easiest to get setup and pumping the beats. You will want to verify that you are on a paid version of your streaming service, as most services have commercials in between tracks, which will undoubtedly interrupt your team’s workflows.

Wireless speakers can prove the best option, as you can affordably setup a network of wireless speakers around your office to specifically cover your entire (or parts) of your office with the most stress relieving music an office can find.


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