Companies are constantly in the fight for good, hardworking, quality employees. Branding yourself as a rewarding company to work for is often a crucial part of the hiring journey, as well as retaining those employees by keeping them happy and content working for you.

Have a Compelling and Emotional Pitch

Crafting a pitch for potential employees is just as important as having a good product pitch for your customers. Of course, this pitch should have many different goals. Instead of writing a pitch to sell a product, you are writing a pitch to attract employees.

Write your pitch in a compelling and emotional way, don’t hold out on gripping details of why you started the company (or joined the company) as well as the missions and aspirations of the company itself.

Not only is this tactic used for attracting, but it should also be used throughout day-to-day operations of the company within teams, always be leading the way for your employees to feel empowered by the goals and missions of your products.

Providing Beyond Benefits with Personality

Instead of stopping at the norms with “generous” health insurance and retirement plans, go beyond and instead of saying you’re generous, be generous.

There are numerous benefits you can incorporate that will attract top level candidates ready to get working at your company. Offer remote work as an available option, paid allowances for personalizing their workspaces, lounges, and top of the line equipment. Be creative in the benefits you provide employees, and most of all, be generous.

Be Organized Throughout an Employee Onboarding

Keeping a fast, minimal, quality onboarding all while being surprisingly organized will impress your new employee and decrease stress at the beginning of a new job.

An organized onboarding will also be efficient and productive for you and your new employees as it helps you get to work faster as well as them getting to work faster with better confidence.

Throw Out the Resumes

More and more companies are retiring the use of resumes in job applications. Put simply; resumes are made up of lots of noise, possibly overly exaggerated noise.

Think outside the box regarding your application processes. Instead of resumes implement video applications or create a to-do list project that candidates can complete and submit so you can see their real-world work in replacement of words on a piece of paper or scribbled on a document. You will also be surprised by the decreased amount of applications with the higher percentage of quality candidates.

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