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Introducing the Brody WorkLounge. Designed to be good for your body and good for your brain.



V.I.A. creates intelligent rooms, designed to augment human interaction by providing true acoustical privacy and hosting technology. It provides a sense of permanence with the speed and design flexibility of a relocatable wall.


Ology height-adjustable tables supports the physiology and biology of workers to make the workplace a more health-conscious environment.

Microsoft and Steelcase Partnership


Steelcase and Microsoft share a passion for helping people at work. Together, we understand how the integration of place and technology can unlock creativity.

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At Ohio Desk, our business is creating great work environments for our world-class clients in business, healthcare and education. We are a nationally-recognized Steelcase dealer serving Cleveland, Akron-Canton, Youngstown and Erie, Pennsylvania, and we strive to make it easy for people to do business with us with our innovative product offerings and services and our experienced and engaging team.

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office furniture

How to Know When Your Office Furniture Isn’t Doing Its Job

Good office furniture can last you for years, but there’s a point in every chair’s life when it’s time to say goodbye.


3 Simple Ways to Crush the Monday Blues

Monday blues are the worst. Read these simple tips to make the worst day of the week a little more bearable.


How the Perfect Lighting Will Make You Love Your Office Space

You may not realize it, but the lighting in your office space has a huge effect on your health and productivity.


Workplace Stress Is Your Worst Enemy—4 Simple Ways To Defeat It

Research has shown that workplace stress is one of the most detrimental factors to your health. Not only can stress lead to headaches, insomnia, weight gain, anxiety and memory loss, it can also affect your job performance.


Simple Ways You Can Develop a Healthy Work Environment

You spend more than 70% of your time at work, which is why your office should be a space that promotes health and wellness.


Innovative Ways Millennials are Redefining the Modern Workplace

Millennials are interested in comfort and wellbeing, which has led to more open air designs for office spaces that incorporate more natural elements.


4 Tips You Need to Know When Choosing Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture an important part of any workplace. We spend a good portion of our day sitting on chairs, working on desks and typing on keyboards. Therefore, we need supportive and comfortable ergonomic office furniture to keep our bodies pain free and our productivity levels sky high. Here you’ll find four helpful tips to keep in…


Creating an Active Learning Environment for the 21st Century

Active learning environments support both the students and instructor, while also inspiring more engagement and collaboration.


4 Things to Keep In Mind When Purchasing Office Furniture

Designing, planning, and purchasing furniture can be a big process. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when purchasing office furniture.


The Guide to Adding Background Ambience to Your Office

Adding music to your office can increase productivity and boost the moods of your employees. Background ambience can be a big asset added to your office.

standing desk

Why You Urgently Need a Standing Desk

While they are a quite new trend in working, standing desks prove to be effective at many benefits to our health when compared to sitting at our desks.

Team Engagement

How to Understand and Lead Helpful Team Engagement

Understanding team engagement as well as knowing when and how to lead it in the first place is the first vital step for any leader.

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For years, many have predicted the death of the office. Mobile technology allows us to work anywhere, so why do you need an office at all? Yet as the world becomes more complex, the places we work have never been more relevant. Work is a social activity and people need places to come together to solve problems. The office isn’t going away—it’s in the midst of a renaissance, where workplaces are becoming something fundamentally different.

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